Lauren Camp: Asylum

You may already know how to calm. It’s been two weeks
without negative

talk. Two weeks with no
terrible photographs, no spontaneous edge

of ocean or canyon or miles
of time. You went to the gate

when no one else would, when everyone
caught our collective

dilution. You woke up that morning after not
sleeping through any blue

flowers. You went in a dress
to be rescued from the roaring

story in your head and were given
a bed. Home is

as small as a few beating hearts
and both ends of the way I

live too, with the world
on its verge. You asked me once

how is everything in your perfect life
and true I walk through

the center whether or not it is brimming
with purity, but down

the hill, everyone is sewing up
limit so speech

is confusion. We are fewer. You are there now
to reason the way

you can breathe. Stay a while.
There, now. Everything has happened

and nothing may change.