Dennis Hinrichsen: [My Coyote Death] [with a Full Moon in It] [and a Haunting]

Living things evolve into new species only to cross again
and again. 
“With Climate Change, Species are Increasingly
Interbreeding to Survive,” Greg Breining. Ensia.

Now you asked me if I believe a man can become a wolf. If
you mean “Can it take on physical traits of an animal?”
No, it’s fantastic. However, I do believe that most anything
can happen to a man in his own mind.

        Sir John Talbot to Larry Talbot from The Wolf Man,
Universal, 1941

I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand
      Warren Zevon

I hope my death’s a coy- one // that is // cut with coyote //
one part dog maybe // piece of wolf // so there is
sustainability in it (winter is coming) // no subterfuge //
not this wind through a broken pane because
that’s what you are now—body—an embouchure
with shards of glass in it // sub-sonic splinters bleeding
noise // sheets of noise // not yet hybrid // cut
with melody // the infinitesimal gods (genetic variation)
—O body how you long to be just a rush of gray-brown
fur in a nearby alley at midnight—rooting out rabbits
or eating trash // a ghost-flash // slow turbine churning
of the moon // every pathway lit // —O body how you want
your death to be an urban one // and a haunting //
small dog at a window barking at teeth staring back at it


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