Samara Doumnande: Schizophrenic

Do not have any other Gods before Me; you must also love and fear Me; you must sanctify My name; you must worship only Me and emulate My ways; you must love your neighbor as yourself and not hate your brother in your heart; you must not embarrass others or oppress the weak; you must not slander or take revenge or bear a grudge; you must not worship idols; you must serve Me with prayer; you must remember the Sabbath and keep it holy; you must not take My name in vain; you must not swear falsely by My name; you must not murder or steal; you must honor your mother and father; you must not commit adultery; you must not bear false witness; is it true you were made in My image?; do you truly have faith in Me?; fast this week to prove your faith; kneel in prayer to prove the same; try not to sin like a heathen; read your Bible; go to church on Sunday; go to Bible study on Saturday; no, put those pills down; you’re not sick; you must have faith; for behold, the voice you are hearing is the Lord, Himself; that’s it, put those pills down; now close the bottle; place it back in the medicine cabinet and look in the mirror; is it true you were made in My image?; Then you must be godly or Godlike and follow My ways; you must do everything I command of you in order to not become the sinner I know you are so bent on becoming; remove your shoes for you stand only holy ground; run the bath water, for you must purify yourself; wash yourself in My holy water; now clothe yourself in this purple robe for you must be royal; is it true that you are loyal?; then you must do all that I command of you; you must follow My ways; this is how I will test you to learn what’s in your heart: walk out of the bathroom and enter your bedroom; open your window and call out to Me; yell out, I know You are the Lord and I love and fear You; but most of all, I have faith in You; now jump, fall into my arms, and I will catch you;  but what if you’re not real?; Do you mean to say that you’re the type of sinner who has no faith in the Lord?

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