Dennis Hinrichsen: [dominion] [Brand]

this is my coolness defined—pull over—fleece (Jordan)—V-neck colored Tee—crimson—(Indonesia)—jeans—slim fit—double black (Brazil)—briefs—camo—label free—bikini cut (Malaysia)—socks—re-enforced heels (Sri Lanka)—trainers (Vietnam)—I would like now to bring forward these makers—these men and women (the children millions)—like a band of angels with no revenge in their hearts—though I would understand if they did—this poem has so completely eaten through their lives (as it is consuming now—dear reader—your attention)—they have the motive—they have cause—my voice not even voice any longer it is so buried in the blur and buzz of a hundred thousand Singers turning out next cool styles (I have the money I can keep up)—O atrocity—O brief historical moment of I don’t really give a shit unless it’s right there in front of me I would like to give some electricity back now—I know they could use it to power their machines—or better—light paths home—cook meals—post a photograph or two (they have selves—they too must desire brand)—text late night sweetness to their beloveds—I know it’s not the body electric—that lightning—I know I am drowning—deepening the water by typing this—but I believe in the poem—believe in the friend who will read it as helpless and as sad as it is—and how foolish it is that I am still in love

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