Boston Scores

Rebeca Villatoro-Alvarez

Poetry is a sacred tradition that gives us all the opportunity to express our ideas, stories, and hopes. We see poetry not only as a tool for self-expression, but also for change-making and bringing people together. Every winter, mentor-coaches select two students to represent their school in the Boston Scores Poets’ Banquet.The students receive one-on-one support to write, memorize, and perform an original poem with an audience of teachers, family, community members, and supporters. Local poets are invited as judges to select Boston Scores “Poet of the Year.” This year’s Poet of the Year is Vincent from the Patrick J. Kennedy Elementary School in East Boston. He was selected for his confidence on stage and inspiring words.

Boston Scores helps urban youth build essential life skills and character through soccer and team-based enrichment programs. We envision a world where all youth feel a sense of belonging and achieve their full potential. Since its incorporation in 1999, Boston Scores has grown to become one of the largest afterschool providers for the Boston Public School System. Poetry has always been at the heart of our identity and is the second cornerstone of our program besides soccer. At Boston Scores, we call our students poet-athletes to celebrate students who speak their personal truth, commit to a holistic well-being, and serve as an agents of change.

The theme for this year’s Slam was Time, and this issue is in honor of the time, energy, and heart our poet-athletes and mentor-coaches have invested into their words. Thank you for taking the time to read, and I hope their words offer you peace in times like this.

Geovanni A.

Copyright Joshua Earle


My name is Geo, yeah it’s me! I’m
a cool kid you know how it be
I’m Cape Verdean and I like to
play soccer AND my favorite
WWE wrestler is the American

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Dayana C.

Copyright John Erickson Dulay

We all experience the beginning of our
even though we might not remember.
We all experience the end of our story
leaving our loved ones behind
not purposely
but unavoidably

We are built differently…

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Vincent P.

Copyright Larry George


…Now, don’t wander off and give up,
You might be one step away, from winning the cup.
Whether you’re mashing those controls,
Or scoring several goals,
Achievements give you THE feeling!…

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Rafael P.

I head to the stadium and
use my energy
running up and down the gym as fast as a tiger
dribbling the ball
defending my hoop.

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Brianny D.
Where I come from

My hair is like dark chocolate. It comes from my family.
Tropical island and history are where I come from.
My beautiful skin from my Mom and Dad.
My amazing acting skills, well, that’s all me…

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Antoni B.

El Soccer

Como yo me siento jugando con mi familia
Estoy con una sonrisa lado a lado. 

Durante el verano salgo con mi familia al parque de lopresti
Mientras juego aprendo de mi padre e hermano… 

How I feel playing with my family
I am smiling side by side. 

During the summer I go out with my family to lopresti park.
While playing I learn from my father and brother…

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Jennifer E.

Mi hermana guerrera

…My sister is strong as oxes
Because her training in military makes her carry heavy boxes
of bombs.
She runs as fast as a horse…

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Rory S.

Penguin Poem

…The Emperor waddles and squaks,
While the King Penguin flops

The yellow-eyed penguin is cautious
Of its territory
Chasing anyone away with fury…

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Nathaniel S.

John Erickson Dulay
The Mindset

…I am him
Silence from the other side
It’s my time to shine…

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Katherine G.-G.

jr-korpa on usplash

…Can we eat ice cream on Mars, or ride on sea stars
Maybe talk to goats, or dragons while having orange creamsicle floats.
Few things are known, and some are clearly shown.
Uncovering secrets, lies and truths. Did our imagination create something out of nothing?
These things hang above us just out of reach…

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Thais A.

Copyright Susan Boecke, 2023
My Mama

My Mama! She put me into this world and can
take me right out, I think right? Well, I don’t
care about that because I care about my future
with her, my plans with her, and my goals with her.
`E fika kumi dia pa noite. E Ka tiveum hora
da diskanco… 

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Jaiden C.
Me Myself And I

I’m like a puzzle you may think you understand me
But I’m like a confusing puzzle with a broken piece
Welcome To MY Life
My name is Jaiden
I’m kind of the youngest child
But I’m still the most loved
In My Whole Family

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Starla P.

Photo by Ryan Moreno on Unsplash
Don’t Quit

…I know you wanna smile when your situation is hard,
but you have only sigh
You don’t know what to do
You have to make the best of it and don’t quit
Don’t quit when you lose because you might make a blow next time…

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Jureidy M.

copyright Iana Andreeva
Life at my home

What is home to me?
Home is passing by a street with loud Bachata music, water rushing and flowing
down the stream, hearing the food cart roll again and again. ¡Empanadas! I hear from afar…

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Levi G.


I love the way my shoes
Hit the ground
And the way the ball sounds
When it bounces.
And when I dunk
I feel like I’m flying…

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Gwendolen B.

Photograph by John Duly

…I wake up and see the moonlight on my floor
Then creep downstairs and see it seeping through the
Front door
I stop onto the porch
And feel the cool summer breeze
I see the trees sway…

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Valentina C.

Photo by Peter Glaser on Unsplash
Soccer Zone Out

…A moment to disconnect
From the chaos of life
I introspect
In this quiet space…

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Akyla O.

LEON Literary Review
The Dangers in Its Beauty

…Under the green sea the seaweed roams freely.
Just beyond what we can reach, just so far.
Millions of creatures thrive in this tide.
When we get to the depths of the sea, oh how black that color can be.
The depths, it is engulfed with life, if it wasn’t you see, we’d all be in strife…

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