About LEON

LEON Literary Review is a bimonthly online publication that honors the memory of Leon N. Shapiro. We strive to promote the qualities he embodied: generosity of mind and spirit, wide-ranging curiosity, and full engagement with the world. We welcome submissions from writers of all backgrounds, experience, and identities. Our aesthetic is eclectic. We’re looking for writing that uses language in interesting ways and comes in at an angle to the event, occasion, and person. In our view, formal, free, and experimental forms of both poetry and fiction often work with all these elements in ways we appreciate. We don’t publish work that glorifies self-harm or hatred. We also don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Our co-editors:
Lisa Trudeau is a former book publicist and independent bookseller living in a profoundly haunted house.
Laurie Rosenblatt, MD, MFA, is obsessed with writing poetry and photographing her curmudgeonly cat.

Our Intern
Nathan Robbins

Look for our response within one to two months.

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