Nina Avedon: In Search of Lost Timepiece

Should I have buried
you with it?
Slipped it into the pocket
of the suit from Barneys
I married you in?

I can’t remember
why we hid it in the first place
such a safe space
we joked
would we ever find it again?

In the study I found
the transponder
next to the keys for the Acura
donated to GBH,
or was it BUR?

I also found your stash
of weed with some Rizzla?
rolling papers (which fyi
you’d no longer
need to conceal)

but not those two hits of Ecstasy
we scored off that young bartender
at Lucy’s who kept going on about great sex
what was his name?
Too bad we forgot

we had them
I looked in the bedroom closet
where I found your ties
except for the, would you call it paisley?, one
I gave to Peter which he wore

when we all met for dinner
last September at La Voile
to mark —has it really been—
five years?
since you’ve been gone.

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