Reed Turchi: You Already Know This Won’t End Well

Like a diver surfacing he comes
bursting in “Just got outta
jail I’m buying y’all lucky
motherfuckers shots!” two
school portraits (hands
on knees, fake trees) held
above his head, torches
beaming “Gonna see my baby
girls tonight!”

It’s early afternoon
& we’re hiding from heat watching ice
melt & now well-whiskey
chasing tequila & a hundred
dollar bill to keep
Free Bird on repeat
& now he’s pounding the bar
laughing & he’s so happy
he could punch somebody & now
who’s buying the next round
& now a cue-stick in his
hands & now maybe
you should put that down
& he wants his money back
now & cock-sucker this
& motherfucker that & now
blue lights come dancing
like sunlight on the surface of the sea
& it’s back to glasses spinning
in condensation rings.

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