Karen Brehmer: On Divorce

The beginning of the end is hard to place
Reflection tells you it was longer
maybe years before
the moment you originally thought
to yourself this is it

 Get advice from friends
The sentimental stuff will be hardest to separate if you still like each other
               says one
                who’s been there

Make two columns for equity in distribution by both monetary and sentimental value                 
               says another
Equity and distribution 
Monetary and sentimental value
The practicality of these phrases is absurd
              sorting memories
              wedding gifts 
              anniversary mementos
               merged lives
into separate boxes to go to separate homes where they will take on a new life
               and meet strangers

This wasn’t in your wedding vows
Won’t you try harder 
              scream a whisper at least a thousand times
              and you tumble through the thought process
              over and over
              just to be sure to arrive back
at the sorting boxes of 
equity in distribution by monetary and sentimental value
            of the life you once built
            with someone else

Through it all
never ever pass up an opportunity
               to show the smallest kindness to your spouse
                           even if they aren’t, anymore