Sara Eddy: Goldilocks

I wanted always for Goldilocks
and Baby Bear to be the best
of friends, for BB to find her
in his bed and see the essential
good in her–and for Goldilocks
to live cozy in the bear’s house,
where Papa Bear would make
another bed for her and Mama
Bear would make more porridge.
Because look at me, baby me
with my curly blond locks
and my big blue eyes, the world
always took care of me, the world
owed me a Bear friend and all
the porridge, and it always
saw my best intentions
and my deepest needs, even
when I broke into their house
and ate their food and broke
their furniture, they did not call
the police, who did not come
and suspect me of a terrible
history of crimes, and did not
accuse me on the basis of my skin,
and did not shoot me in the
livingroom of my friend Baby Bear’s
house, in front of his loving Mama and Papa.


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