Lily Greenberg: To the boy who thinks his body, like a woman,

a thing to be controlled. Purify by fire
you say. Pain: of the mind. Discipline:

island in the distance to which you swim 
daily. Get out shivering: I have done
what I did not want to do. Someone’s
father is proud, but not yours. Whose

mother is speaking and where are your
ears? The wisdom of the body blooms

as it wants. The body bleeds to no moon.
Sometimes the moon is on fire. See,

change. But I have killed the clock, you say, 
and my good body wakes without alarm.

My good body is a quiet house awake
to the wisdom of sunlight. Whose yoke

have you taken upon yourself? Words
prickle up your arms. Heat of the spine.

Heavy head believing itself light.
The body is speaking and you say, This is 
the test. You say, I need nothing. You
say, I am infinite. I say, you are alone.



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