Adonis R.: Hard Times of the Season

It was the end of the season and the sound of the loud whistle ended the game and the season. Our coach Mr. Aaron did the chant that we always do which was “Soccer rocks, soccer rocks.” And once the chant was over I picked up my bag and the long walk began. I was happy but also relieved that the season was over. I felt relieved because the long walk was over. The long walk felt so long it felt like 100 miles. And the hills were so steep it felt like I was walking up Mount Everest. The only reason why I kept on coming back was because of my friends Devin, Egypt, Jean, Peter and all my other friends. Another reason is because of my team because I wanted them to feel the joy of winning. And having fun. And even though the walk was long, hard, and rough, I will keep on going like my mom and team taught me. They taught me to never give up and keep on going. Next time soccer starts I’m gonna be there to keep on going.