Angelina J.: TIME

Time is confusing. Time sees you, but you don’t see it. Until you look around for the clock that just goes, goes, goes. The concept of time, time after time. Monday thru Friday are like a circle on repeat. Time isn’t lost until you realize it is. Time speeds past in a blink of an eye. Time is the steady passing of events right before our eyes. As every holiday skips over, it’s faster than you realize. It’s not easy to let go but it’s something you have to face, you miss time more and more as it starts to fade away.

In the time that goes, there is a space when you will be out of time. Don’t waste time or your body will start to fade. Time is not the same for everyone, my time and your time is different. It’s spent different, it looks different, it feels different. The things we see, the times we hurt, the thoughts we think and the ways we love, aren’t on the same days, weeks and years. As time passes and as time goes by, people pass on, pass by and pass away. Day after day time runs out, just yesterday you were 5 and now you’re 12. You’ll need to let go, cause if not you’ll be old and miss what you have passed. Even though these things happen to us, we eventually have to move on, forget and forgive in the time being.

Make time because your time and my time can be a big difference. So, I’ll enjoy my time and won’t wait on you, because time is limited and it won’t always be there for me and you. The conundrum of time says a positron being an electron, is traveling backwards. But we clearly can’t go backwards, but only forwards in our day. Yet time keeps tick, tick, ticking away. What does this all mean? It’s all the same thing, or it’s all different. Time is confusing!?

Even though time goes away, enjoy today. It will never be the same as yesterday. We can’t save time, or change time. We can only be in – the – time we are in right now. Time is of the essence, it’s urgent, it has an emphasis. Time won’t come back, so enjoy what you have now, cause it won’t be there forever. We chase time around and around, we try to save it for what? Another time!? Time, tick-tock, you can keep looking at the clock,but it doesn’t stop, not for a minute and definitely not for an hour, so keep a watch. Time flies when you’re having fun they say, But then there time goes and it’s gone. Is that really fun? Keep an eye for the clock that flies, when you take your eyes off, it will not be able to turn back the hands of time, they will just TICK, TICK, TICK, TOCK.