Briana C.: My First Game Day

A game day
Wouldn’t you be nervous?
Because if you wouldn’t be I don’t know if you are human
It was my first game day!
I saw everyone on my team
Everyone getting ready

When we first stepped out the door from school, I suddenly felt super nervous
I wanted to go back
But it was like my feet had a mind of their own
It was like if they were making me go even though I didn’t want to even though I
didn’t want to
We walked minute after minute
My nervousness got even worse
So I tried not to really think about it

The blue sky was so nice and beautiful
And I suddenly wanted to go to my game and try
The walk was a little long
We were all excited!
I was even more since it was my first day and first game

Being part of a team was super great
We had a good coach!
Even though I was nervous, stressed and worried about letting down my team
I tried my hardest
I was so happy to be there
My teammates helped me with my position
They were all welcoming

I don’t know how I managed to play without knowing anything
But still, I fought through it
Trying and trying
And then my team won
The McKay won!
I was so happy!
Even if I didn’t make a goal, I was still happy.