Mason D.: My Team

My team of soccer
Is unstoppable.
We’re fearless, intelligent,
Funny and reliable.

My friends and I
Are skilled and respectful players to all.

We don’t complain
Of any match losses.
We don’t run our mouths.
We keep ourselves controlled and energetic.

No matter the results of a game
We are still respectful in every way.
We say good game, good play
and even “good job!”

If we’re losing,
We still continue to try,
No matter how much we’re losing by.

We all have hope
And trust each other as a team.
Pedro, Diego, Oscar, Jose and Christian
All great players with dedication, energy, confidence and skills.

We help each other out no matter the cost.
If someone messes up, we don’t care.
We still help them and say “don’t worry.”

Our values from school
Is what we use to connect,
Especially with our dual-language skills.

Most of my teammates are Spanish speakers only
And some don’t know much English.
Because of school we are able to communicate with each other.
The phrases on the field that we use are
“Bien hecho,” “puedes hacerlo,” “pata lo” y “pásame el balón”.

Our school values is what keep us together,
Like respect, responsibility, equality and bilingualism.

Not only that, but our coaches help too!
They help us so much in soccer
And for a better personality too.
They give us the hope we need
The most to win a game.

We use this hope as a team
And this makes me a proud Umana player!