Michael L.: A Roblox

Old Roblox was cool,
Now it acts like a fool.
The old Roblox logo was fire,
Now the Logo is making me tired.
The old games were very fun,
Now the old games are done.
The avatar shop looked so brilliant,
Now it looks so different.

People used to be so nice,
But then they flipped the dice.

But here is what Roblox should do
Roblox should adjust it like if it was a new game.
All the players will be as amazed as they were before,
In the Old Roblox.
They should adjust and try to find a logo that players
actually like
They should remind the players about the old Roblox
that people actually liked back then.
They should make the avatar like the old one for at least a few days
to give the player memories.

And lastly, they should try to convince players to be