Stephanie B.: A Hard Working Woman

I love Ms. Delgado
She works at my school, and she’s really cool.
She’s always there for me, and I tell her school tea.
She’s hard working independent woman,
Even when she goes through hard times.
But she never gives up.
She’s obsessed with Pepsi
And sometimes really petty.
I love her daughter Bella.
She’s really smart
And really sassy.
I love her attitude
And I have a lot of gratitude.
I love Ms. Delgado’s hugs.
She’s like a lion protecting her cubs.
She takes me to places, and she’s really patient.
I love when she tells me I’m going to be someone in my life.
She doesn’t lie!
She always tells me to learn from my mistakes. I love
the decisions she makes.
I love myself but not always.
I’m really glad I met Ms. Delgado.
She really helps me.
She makes me have fun
And in soccer she makes me as hot as the sun.
I love her hugs.
She makes you feel special.