Dayana C.


We all experience the beginning of our
even though we might not remember.
We all experience the end of our story
leaving our loved ones behind
not purposely
but unavoidably.

We are built differently, we are not the
It’s like two identical snowflakes that may
look the same
but are different and not plain.
Us snowflakes are not plain,
we have went through fun experiences
that are not lame.

People could go through hard times
but at the end you can get gifted a time that
is better.
Don’t worry about what we are going through
you might get an unexpected amazing
surprise from the universe,
an experience that you will never forget.

don’t go around
asking why are we
you don’t know what we have gone through
we have been out there making memories,
out there…

You might even meet your favorite celebrity
throughout life,
wishing you might have something in

be careful of your decisions.
You could either go through
15 minutes of fame or 15 years of shame.

Throughout life, we can make mistakes
but it’s alright,
once we get the hang of it and keep on
we can learn from our mistakes and it will be
as a slice of cake.

We also often ask ourselves questions that
we think will never be solved.
Are we going to have troubles in the
Are we going to have to buy our own stuff in the

We should be able to know in the future so
don’t worry,
don’t put to much
pressure and enjoy the present.

We could even write a poem to our future
self asking how life is going, we
should hope that our troubles are not

Things in the future can get a little difficult.
Getting into college,
getting a license, taking care of ourselves,
working so hard like we are one of Santa’s
busy elves.

We are all in our 60’s and have worked so
hard in the past.
We have all retired from all the busy work
don’t worry
it’s not time to expire yet.

There is still so much to do,
like more to accomplish, make
and enjoy the rest of your life to the fullest
there is.

We have all gone through so much in our life
now we think it’s time to take a long rest from the
We are passionate about the time with our
family we have spent
But now let’s just take a long rest from the

Dayana C.