Thais A.

My Mama

My Mama! She put me into this world and can
take me right out, I think right? Well, I don’t
care about that because I care about my future
with her, my plans with her, and my goals with her.
`E fika kumi dia pa noite. E Ka tiveum hora
da diskanco. She was there day and night without
a break.
Sorry Dad, this poem is NOT about you but
what you put us through, and what you put her
through is so crazy that I can’t even talk about it!
She was there for me when nobody else was. Not
my family, not my friends but my mama! She was
there for everyone but nobody was there for her just
me, her parents, and her siblings.

Me and my mama walk in the summer. In
the winter when it’s snowing or cloudy
It’s just me and my Mama.
We are there for each other no matter what.
It’s just me and my mama.
Sometimes she gets on my nerves but then I
remember… it’s just me and my mama forever
and ever. 

Thank you, Mama…
Thank you mama I would never be the
person I am now without you.
I will always love you.

Thais Silva A.