Rodney Jones

To Kill a Mockingbird
At the beginning of sixth grade
when I learned that a man,
Mr. Key, was to be my teacher…
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Christine Kitano

After years of knowing its meaning, I encounter the word out of expected context and must look up the definition…
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Suzanne E. Berger

Before the Rescue
Dark is their dog, their rice, their silent radio
Their wife now, their plows
Darkness, the hunger…
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Susan Jo Russell

Eve Walking Through
Eve walks the garden
mud splashed to her thighs
everything filmed with damp…
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Susan Carlisle

Photograph of Judy, Holding Elk Heart (after photograph by Laura McPhee)
What is it makes us want
to hold a big wet heart
that just stopped beating?
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Nicole Chvatal

Dustin Pedroia,
if I could be anyone for a minute, it’d be you.
Socks up, shortstop, feet light…
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Matthew Olzmann

Sleep on a Bed of Nails
The trick is: more nails.
Enough of them, and with your weight distributed evenly among a thousand or so…
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J. Estanislao Lopez

The Word
God complains that the angels have become nihilists. Sure, He says, they’ll herald, but only apocalyptic news.
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Daisy Fried

Triangle Park: 23rd and South
Also at the fountain: four students licking at Rita’s (i.e. crappy) water ice, arguing about whether Picasso…
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Trish Marshall

Car of the Future
Go on, shutter your house.
The rain is the rain is the rain.
It has no mind of you…
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Victoria Korth

Evening, like any other Friday in late winter, rain turning to snow, sun around four,
the stylist at Jared’s saying…
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Mary Ellen Geer

How to Write a Sestina
All you have to do is insert the right word
at the right time, and the poem writes itself. When it’s a sestina, you know the right time…
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