Stacy Petty

In a Flash


The shadows surrounded me. Scared and shaken, I gave in. They were right. I was doing too many drugs.

 A ride home

A stranger gave me a ride to the next town for a piece of me I might always miss.

 Time flies when you’re having fun

Father time stopped by for a visit. Everything froze and there I was looking back at me.

Farewell Mother

Susan pulled the trigger and with one bullet killed everyone she had ever known.

Stacy Petty

Stacy Petty says she is a 36 year old survivor. Previously published by PCC inscape magazine, Penultimate peanut, and has self published a book on amazon titled: My Healing Heart. Stacy is a survivor of suicide, abuse, and addiction. She is currently 4 years clean from all drugs. When she was a child the only way she had of coping was creation. Whether it be drawing, writing, or painting, she had to create. She says that poetry freed her from the cage she felt she was trapped in. Creation is truly a deep passion of hers. All of her work is in dedication to bringing hope to those who may feel different or as if they don’t belong. She says we all belong!