Chris Hannas

Family Meeting

 Grandma didn’t like you at all.  Grandpa loved when you told stories about the time you visited the Panama Canal.  Uncle Joe hated how your hair was so long it kept falling into your eyes.  Aunt Muriel thought it was cool.

       Marshall (the cat) thoroughly enjoyed your particular way of performing belly rubs.  Felix (dog) found them off-putting and a little aggressive.  

       The fish had no opinion.

       I’d like to see you again soon.

Chris Hannas

Chris Hannas is a journalist in Washington, D.C., and the author of the novel The Perfect Hours. His work won the 2020 INARA 1000 Words Contest, has been featured in From Whispers to Roars, Flash Fiction Magazine, and the podcast “Ripples in Space”, and was named an honorable mention for the Mary Kennedy Eastham Flash Fiction Prize.