Sandra Lim


Showers overnight. Coffee on the desk,
Untasted, now cold.

The birds have been silent all morning.
But you still suppose

The world will bound toward you,
Opening its gardens and doors!…

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Dane Slutzky

My Battery is Low and It’s Getting Dark

No human programmed
you to be poetic.
You didn’t craft|

a sentence, but
sent data, after a
delay via satellite…

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Leigh Lucas

For Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

When I was a child, for a time, books saved me.
I didn’t know the source of danger.

So let slip the controls.  

Speak low and soft….

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Kevin McIlvoy


Alone at river crossings I privately ask
that I may start my life from scratch.
I’m grateful no one can hear
my voice sounding any different…


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Natalie Marino

Tomorrow’s Train

That day I told him I had broken clay models, that I
was born to tired and lonely bees stitching what’s left.

My mother reminded me of her regret
every day, of the sleep I cost her—…

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Amanda Deutch

Reveal Your Character

She Speaks Seven Languages faded in green brush
strokes along the door jambs and casing of the
old Mangels shooting gallery from a time before
when a palm reader, Theresa, occupied the space…

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Tim Suermondt

The Swiss Alps

A man promises his wife he’ll purchase
a better house by the lake, aware
she really doesn’t care what house it is…

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Rebecca L’Bahy

Fear Is Your Passenger

and today in carpool
driving the teenage girls home
after their NYC field trip,
you couldn’t remember
the Statue of Liberty…

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Eric Cruz


All morning my throat catches,
the wind gray and wandering
along the spine of grief
hot from the bellies of howling dogs…

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Alfred Nicol

People Out There In The World

On House Hunter’s International,
the television program
where people look for a place to live
in another country, with cameras…

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Julie Rochlin

NYC, 1970

It was like your favorite treat in shiny paper
with a razor inside.

       Holes in its pockets, and a screw loose.

The filth so thick, you couldn’t see what it was meant to be…

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Anthony Aguero

I Would’ve Done Anything

I would’ve done anything because it’s love, right?
I would’ve clipped my peaches in quarters and
fed them to the parrots hoping they’d mimic
their sweetness…

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Aimée Sands

To move in my world as among trees

to belong as a shadow, and aster,
a fern, a moldering stick; or to lumber

among still bodies but remain
part of the whole, to be large…

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Michael Lauchlan

Give or Take

I inhabit a body unruly and dreams
incontinent and a continent torn

by hands gripping gunstocks
hands taking what they can…

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Leonard Kress

Orpheus Looks for a WC in Vilnius

And finds he must descend two flights
to reach the urinal. His bladder’s full
soon to spasm from gulped shots…

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Natascha Graham

She’s called Gillian.

She’s got brown hair and eyes the colour of a bleached         winter sky.
She’s about 5’5, but she’s tough.
My girlfriend was a narcissist…

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