Aliah T.

Married to Soccer

In 2019 there was a quarantine and everyone was bummed out. Everyone was so sad they
            started to pout.

Quarantine was boring, it was so lame. Covid was like
            a wild lion that we couldn’t tame.

I felt like I was trapped. I was so mad. I felt like I got slapped.

Covid kept me in a cage and all I felt about it ever since is rage.

I couldn’t even play soccer which was a bummer so I just practiced soccer in the summer.

When I couldn’t play soccer it was sad cuz I thought if I didn’t practice I would get bad.

I miss playing soccer. When I score I get so excited, it’s like this spark in my soul just ignited.

Every Monday we have a soccer game and I have so much fun and it doesn’t even matter if we
            I lost or won.

I love to score and when I do the crowd roars.

Soccer is so fun and I love playing. And even if people call me trash I don’t care what they’re

I love soccer so much I feel like Messi when I get a clutch.

I started to play soccer when I was young and whoever thinks soccer is bad is just dumb.

I started playing soccer because it gives me life and if I could I would make soccer my wife.

  Aliah T.  

Adonis R. is an elementary school student, soccer player, and poet who attends James W. Hennigan K-8 School.