Arleric C.

Love Poem

Love is something that makes you feel warm;

You spread it like a swarm, it tastes and feels like
honey. Most people think that they can buy it
with money.

You can give it any day, any way; if you have nice
things to say!

The people you know give love too; your mom, your
dad, and all the people that really know you.

You can give it to someone who is in need, you can
even give love to the pet you feed.

A lot of the time people don’t think they need love,
but, it feels nice to have someone to love, it’s
like a calming feeling from above.

Lots of people wonder what love is like; for me it
feels warm, free and it most definitely fills you
with glee.

Love is something you need to proceed, it makes you
feel motivated to succeed.

Everyone loves you, you should also love your
siblings that may only be two.

You can love anyone, anywhere. Love takes time to
grow, just like your hair!

  Arleric C.  

Arleric C. is an elementary school student, soccer player, and poet who attends Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. K-8 School.