Fael P.

Look At Us Now

Look at us now

We are the OG kings and we stay
There’s no team better than us
We undefeated.

And we stay the best team forever
We are the GOATS
Y’all can’t beat us.

Why we are the goats is because we
Have the passing, the shooting,
The dribbling, and talking to our teammates

We have fun
Because when you get assist
You feel better
And when you score a goal
You feel happy

These other schools are not better
Than us

And we’re very good at
Math you should understand
20 times 20 equals 400
60 times 10 equals 600
600 times 10 equals 6000
700 times 20 equals 14000
1000 times 1000 equals 1 million

And like ELA we are good writers and we write lots of poems
Y’all are good writers but we’re better
Because we have the passion to
The key answer which means
To get all the lines correct

And that’s how you know
We’re very good at anything
ELA, Math, and Soccer

The End

  Fael P.  

Fael P. is an elementary school student, soccer player, and poet who attends Orchard Gardens
K-8 Pilot School.