Iziya M.

My Older Brother and Me

My older brother is 24
He’s a sagittarius
My older brother loves making music but had to stop
and focus on school
He’s in college studying business
He’s a fun person to be around and loves his family
My older brother is Puerto Rican
He is an intelligent and smart person
He also checks up on us even though we don’t see
him everyday.

I am 12
My sign is a capricorn
I love to play basketball, soccer and track
I am in the 6th grade
I do ballet, hip hop and tap
And I love to listen to music especially Rod Wave
I am smart but sometimes make dumb decisions but I learn from them
I am a forward and defense on my school soccer team
I also love to play video games with my friends but mainly NBA 2K23
When I get older I wanna be either a doctor, chef,
soccer coach or maybe a basketball coach
My favorite rapper is Rod Wave

My poem is based on me and my older brother
because I wanna be independent and smart like him
when I am older
And he is a huge impact on my life and I am glad I
have someone like him to be around.

  Ziya M.  

Iziya M. is an elementary school student, soccer player, and poet who attends David A. Ellis Elementary School.