Jaxiel F.

The Laws of Anime

What I can do you could never do
Soccer and anime is all I do
Watch Blue Lock that’s pretty cool
I’m an egoist 1v1 me you’ll lose
Doing hat tricks all that I can think
Faking people out is what to do
Roulette uwwwww I just juked you

If you want to start watching anime watch Blue Lock and if you don’t you’re not cool
The best type of anime is shounen anime and the worst is romance anime

Shonen is good because it has every genre
It has comedy, action, adventure, drama,
Romance is so bad I have to stop watching for 2 hours
It makes me want to spit out flowers

When I kick the goal is slick
When I make a goal I’m in control
and that was my first goal of season

I like soccer because it is hard but fun
But if I’m being honest all I care about is winning.

They call me Shinra Kusakabe because my kicks are
more powerful than you

They call me Merguru Bachira because my dribbling can
beat you
They call me Chigiri Hyoma because I’m faster than

What do they call you?

  Jaxiel F.  

Jaxiel F. is an elementary school student, soccer player, and poet who attends James W. Hennigan K-8 School.