Justin G.

Video Games

Spamming the buttons on my controls
I feel like a drummer hitting the drum
Boom boom boom
I convinced myself that I’m a rockstar
Cuz I am
Playing video games.

Going cuckoo after playing for hours
In a row, so I can win Roblox

Never giving up on a level
No matter how long it takes
I will keep on trying
Even if it takes me a
Million years

Faked being sick to skip school
Just to play
Video Games
Minecraft, Spiderman, and Roblox, so cool…
Although I might get caught
from my parents, but willing to take the risk
Playing video games.

Forgot to do my chores again
I was too busy
Playing the World Cup in FIFA 23 video games.
Rush to get them before mom comes home

Treating my PS5 like it’s a baby
Smooth and rare like gold

My eyes are burning,
My head is hurting
Cuz I was up all night
In my video world

  Justin G.  

Justin G. is an elementary school student, soccer player, and poet who attends Patrick J. Kennedy Elementary School.