Anyeleen G.: My Team Is Strong

My team is strong like a rock in the river.
We don’t get mad when we lose
And we try our best always
I would say soccer is like half of my life
It’s like a teacher having a different life besides school

When we don’t win, we forget about it and brush it off
We don’t let others get in our heads
We have strong minds

My first day of soccer was one of the best days!
I had fun at practice
My teammates were good sports
Sadly, we couldn’t finish the year because of COVID

I missed playing games after days of practices
Seeing my friends and my teammates
It made my day after having a long school day
Soccer was relieving for some of my problems
It helped me get out all my anger

But now here I am, with my almost 4 years of soccer
I will never forget about my team
And how they helped me grow throughout the years.