Kelly DuMar

Kelly DuMar is a poet, playwright and workshop facilitator from Boston. She’s author of three poetry chapbooks, “girl in tree bark,” “Tree of the Apple,” and “All These Cures,”. Her poems, prose and photos are published in many literary journals including Bellevue Literary Review, Tupelo Quarterly, Crab Fat, Storm Cellar, Corium & Tiferet. Kelly serves on the Board of the International Women’s Writing Guild (IWWG) and produces the popular IWWG Bi-Monthly Open Mic & Feature Series. She blogs her daily nature photos & creative writing at

Artist Statement: A wonderful part of the experience of these photos for me is in the making: the sensory, bodily encounter I have with plants, the way the nature is imprinted on my knees as I bend down to get close to the earth from which these organic images have sprung. Each image is an emotional experience, and works similarly as a poem does. I take a picture because I am awakened by an unconscious call to notice something in my daily habitat and let it be expressed through me; I feel something in the here and now. My images want to communicate into the breath and throb of a moment of enlightenment: an integration from unconscious knowing.