Sally Keith

Far and Away

Upstairs in the café, which once had a long bar with stools, where you could plug in your computer and work…

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Hannah Silverstein

Hansel and Gretel

In the real story, they never return.
       No one knows what happens to them,
So life goes on, ordinary, flesh
       long since grown over the wound…

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Perry Janes


There are things I don’t know,
can’t know, and maybe don’t want to,
including what a man’s teeth look like
through a rifle’s magnifying scope….

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Reed Turchi

What I wanted to tell you but can’t here
in front of everyone is that sometimes

it’s just me & the bartender & four hours
to fill & I take a nice long look out

at no one & turn up louder & louder…

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Michael A. de Armas

The Switch

Yes it’s true you can break things,
I tell my younger daughter one night, who, after crying in her crib in our room
without much result, turns the light switch…

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Amber Ridenour Walker

               (for Jean Seberg)

If you love a girl just maybe
you shouldn’t steal a car

for her. It’s bad manners &
just what am I supposed to do with this?

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Alina Stefanescu

Among the Lichenologists

Among the lichenologists,
I am less provocative than
mottled pink fluff on a rock…

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J. Estanislao Lopez

Reconsidering Plato’s Cave

My opinion?
Plato never
set foot
inside a cave…

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Helena Minton


Mallarme, synonym for obstacle
in their suburban saltbox, his poems
a wooden crate for her mother
to kick her way out of…

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Suzanne McGowan

Advice to a Lazy Poet on How to Survive Autumn

Wake up and run, you sloven with sleep-filled eyes!
Constrict the hillside into a tawny gold
And shout huzzah non-stop ‘till the season dies….

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Lizzy Beck

Two Chairs

Beside the health center you saw two chairs:
wooden, solid, placed
just so, as in a draftsman’s rendering…

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Nina Avedon

In Search of Lost Timepiece

Should I have buried
you with it?
Slipped it into the pocket
of the suit from Barneys

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